The People of Aloha have created a Principality made up of Royal Patented Estates and formed a collaborative effort of Community, Governance and Self Determination to resolve global and localized issues affecting themselves and their families on the Island of Maui. Upon a direct vote or preliminary referendum, the people decided to Declare a secession from the political unit, The State of Hawaii, Inc. and its proprietor/creator the United States Congress (assumed fiduciary obligations on April 30th, 1900) for causes enumerated therein, and to Declare Independence from its administration in belligerent occupancy to form a Constitutional Governance. 

The na po’e aloha (the people of love/greeting god) there are many definitions of “aloha”, are determined among the powers of the earth to stand independently as other ancient and recently modern Principalities. The kingdom of Monaco, Andorra and Lichtenstein are among the most popular principalities enjoying independence, economic success and social security. 

Fortunately, the royal patented estates of the alii (Hawaiian royalty) were never conveyed, ceded or transferred to the United States, so that the principality territory to date is still held under original Royal Patents issued from ko Hawaii pae aina.  The US Department of Justice issued a memorandum in 1988 on this fact, and in 1993 the US President Bill Clinton issued the Apology Act (PL 103-150) admitting to the United States involvement in the illegal act/theft/fix of trade that was committed on January 17th, 1893, thereby making all that came from that act – illegal and illegally obtained. That act was disguised as an “overthrow” in order to cover up the fact that they had no authority, no legal standing, and are simply in belligerent occupation of the government’s functions and nothing that belongs or is personally inherent in the people, such as sovereignty, land patents…… and our aloha. Invoking the Rights of Self Determination, we lawfully and legally created the Principality of Aloha established on October 31st, 2011. All legal documentation has been sent to the UN depositary, his excellency Secretary General Ban ki Moon, the Security Council and other States, Nations and organizations of interest. We are currently seeking by Letters of Intent on International Friendship and Peace, benign collaboration with other states. Mahalo.
mai ia na alii, na po’e Aloha a Mo’i

e mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono
(Motto of the Principality of Aloha) 

The Life of The Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness.